Cajeput Oil

Cajeput Oil


Botanical name:  Melaleuca cajuputi

Origin:  Native to Australia/ Grown in India



Cajeput oil is obtained from the twigs and leaves of the cajeput tree. It is belongs to Myrtaceous family, cajeput is also called as white wood or weeping tea tree and weeping paper back. Cajeput oil is like campherous but processes a fresh fruity quality. Cajeput oil is used in cosmetics and perfumes, and is well known for its antiseptic properties and is good for stomach and digestive problems.



Cajeput oil is extracted by the method of steam distillation from the fresh leaves and twigs of cajeput tree.



•   It has sweet, penetrating smell.

•   It blends well with Angelica, Bergamot, lavender, thyme, clove and geranium oil.

•   Its main components are Alpha Pinene, Beta Pinene, terpineol, cineol and Linalool etc.



•   It has antiseptic properties and it helps in fighting viral and bacterial infections. It can be applied in cuts and wounds.

•   Cajeput oil is anti insecticide, thus it is very useful in kill insects and mosquitoes and can be applied in diluted form to avoid mosquito bites.

•   Cajeput oil is useful to relieves in cold and cough.

•   It has anti-inflammatory property thus also helps in curing acne and pimples.

•   It is carminative and relieves in gas trouble.

•   It promotes secretion and perspiration.

•   It has analgesic properties, and relieves in pain like joint pain and Headache.

•   It has great use in cosmetic as it not only brightens skin but also prevents it from infections.

•   It acts as Febrifuge, as it lowers down temperature by stimulating sweat.

•   It provides relief from intestinal worms.


Safety & Precautions:

It does not have any known side effects, but if used in high concentration or ingested in high concentration it might cause irritation.


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