Asafoetida Oil

Asafoetida Oil


Product specification

Botanical Name: Ferula Asafoetida

Origin – Afghanistan, and Iran



Asafoetida oil is known to ease anxiety because of its sedative qualities. The color of the oil is dark yellow to greenish with pungent and unpleasant odor. Asafoetida is a perennial native plant of Afghanistan, Iran, and Pakistan. Asafoetida oil plant grows approximately 6 feet. Asafoetida produces a gum gathered in summer from the roots of plants at least four years old.



 Asafoetida oil is extracted process is known as a cold pressing method.



 Asafoetida oil is nicely blended with Bay, Basil, Onion, Cardamom, Garlic, and  Caraway.



 •  Asafoetida essential oil is comely used as a flavoring agent in certain delicacies.

 •  It is used as a carminative and stimulant.

 •  Asafoetida oil is used for the treatment of intestinal disorders and as a blood purifier.

 •  Asafoetida is an effective digestive aid.


 Safety and precautions:

 •  Consult to doctor first before using while pregnant or breastfeeding.


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