Jackfruit Oil

Jackfruit Oil


Jackfruit oil is obtained from the seeds of the fruit. It is native to Southwest India. It is very largest tree and fruit in the world. It is basically used in food industry.


Jackfruit Oil is extracted from the seeds by the method of cold pressing.


It is a pale yellow and has a sweet aroma.


•  Jackfruit oil can reduce wrinkles for daily use in 6 weeks.

•  It has very strong anti-ulcerative properties which can cure from ulcer.

•  Jackfruit oil is good for hair grow.

•  It has source of Vitamin C and antioxidants which can give strength your immune system. This helps to protect from cold, cough and flu.

•  It is also helps to protect from oral cancer.

•  Jackfruit oil is good to maintain your blood pressure.

•  It is helps to improve your digestion system.

Safety & Precautions:

Jackfruit oil cannot be used by pregnant women and those who are breast feeding.

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