Cactus Seed Oil

Cactus Seed Oil


Cactus seed oil is obtained from the seed of cactus plant. The plant has wide range of size and shapes. It is native to America, western Canada, Africa and Sri Lanka. It is also grows in India. Cactus has 10 times more antioxidant than Argan oil.


Cactus seed oil is extracted by the method of cold pressed distillation from the seeds of cactus plant.


Cactus seed oil has pale yellow with characteristic odor.


•  Cactus seed oil has admirable for skin restore because it contains linoleic acid, which improves the production of new cells.

•  It is also has vitamin E, and flavonoids that care for you from swelling. It is a perfect trio to promise a healthy skin.

•  It contains the maximum amount of Betanin amid all known plants. Betanin is a very prevailing antioxidant with amazing effects against aging skin.

•  Cactus seed oil has high meditation of Vitamin K which is helps to reduce the dark circles under the eyes.

•  It has higher water preservation ability for this it is excellent for hydrating the effect of hair.

•  Cactus seed oil is very helpful to moisturizing hair and skin.

Safety & Precautions:

During pregnancy avoid Cactus seed oil.

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