Buchu Oil

Buchu Oil


It is small shrub which grows up to 30 cm to 100 Cm tall. Flowers are produced in terminal. There are two varieties of Buchu, one is Agothosma betulina and other one is agothosma crenulta. Its flowers are white in colour and star shaped.


It is obtained from its leave by process of steam distillation.


It has sweet medicinal aroma which has little similarity with that of blackcurrant.


It mainly consists of pulegone, limonene, menthone etc.


It blends well with Frankincense, neroli, Ginger, palmarosa and other essential oils.


•  Owing to its antiseptic properties it is used to protects wounds.

•  It also acts as antiseptic for urinary system.

•  It also provides relief in arthritis.

•  It regularise metabolism.

•  It also acts as tonic for fighting infections.

•  It is also carminative and provides relief from gas, indigestion and vomiting.

•  It also acts as an insecticide.

•  It is also diuretic by nature and keeps kidney and urinary tract healthy.

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