Amla Oil

Amla Oil


Amla oil is obtained from the amla seed; it is a small to medium sized deciduous tree. Amla tree is cultivated all the way through the Indian subcontinent. leaves simple, very many, subsessile, closely set along the branchlets, distichous, light green having the appearance of pinnate leaves. Flowers of the  Amla or Indian Gooseberry are greenish yellow to light yellow, in axillary fascicles, unisexual, males numerous on short slender pedicels.


This oil is extracted from amla berries through cold pressing.


It has Greenish- yellowish color liquid with characteristic odor of amla. It has excellent therapeutic values for hair


The  amino acids there in herbal amla are; alanine, aspartic acid, glutamic acid, lysine, and proline, analysis the fresh fruit pulp gave moisture, protein, fat carbohydrates fibre, minerals, iron, niacin.


Coconut Oil / Jojoba Oil / Bhringraj Oil / Ashwagandha Oil.


•    The oil stimulates hair roots and scalp, thus enriching hair growth and pigmentation

•    When applied on scalp and hair, it prevents premature graying of hair, increases the strength of hair follicles and cure dandruff

•    It has a cooling effect over scalp, thus keeps the mind cool and promotes sound sleep

•    Amla oil is also useful for increasing memory.


The oil is not safe for people with low level of iron and hypoglycemic conditions. People on anticoagulant medications should also avoid amla oil.

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