Avocado Butter

Avocado Butter


Avocado is obtained from seeds of avocado fruit; it is generally cultivated in Mexico. It is mostly used in cosmetics and food industry.


Avocado butter is extracted from the seeds of avocado fruit by the processing using hexane or petroleum products and further processing involves – bleaching, deodorizing and overheating for the refining.


Avocado butter is a hard solid, off white in color and very smooth and creamy texture, with light odor.


•  Avocado is natural and moisturizing and skin healing so it is used in cosmetic industries and hair related products like Lip balms, Skin moisturizers, Skin creams & Hair conditioners for dry hair, making soap bars, Deodorants, Sun Cream lotions.

•  Avocado butter is also very useful for cooking for making salads and also eat with breads.

•  It is used in candle making.

•  Avocado butter also used as anti inflammatory, have capacity to absorb UV radiation.

•  It is also lessens the pregnancy stretch mark as it improve skin elasticity.

•  It removes under eye wrinkle.

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