Bees Wax



It is a natural wax obtained from bees. The wax appears in form of scales and is secreted by glands in abdominal segments of Worker bees.The new wax is glass clear and it becomes opaque after mastication and adulteration with pollen.Three types of waxes are yellow, white and Absolute.



•  Purified and bleached bees wax is used in foods, cosmetic and pharmaceuticals.

•  It is used as food additives as glazing agent.

•  It used in cosmetics for skin care.

•  It is used as ingredients in lip balm, moisturizers, eye shadow, lip liner, eye liner etc.

•  It is used in moustaches wax and hair pomade.

•  It is also used in making candles.

•  It is also used in surgical wax to stop bleeding.


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