Beard Oil


Any Person’s moustache and beard say most of the things about that person.Make sure it’s saying all the right things. Our Beard oil is used to nourish the skin under the beard and growth of beard. Our unique blend of essential oils and carrieroils acts as a moisturizer and goes straight to the hair follicles and prevents hair from growing brittle, especially in cold, windy environments.Beard oil can be applied daily and is generally put on the beard area after showering or cleansing in order to have the opened pores easily absorb the oil.Beard oil products are a blend of one or more ingredients, such as Argan oil, tea tree oil, vitmani e, hempseed oil, curry leaf oil etc. that are used to for specific beard problems such as itching, sensitive skin or dryness by going straight to the follicle in a similar fashion to hair conditioner. Also our beard oil is very effective in hair growth.


Benefits  of Beard Oil:-

•  Beard Oil for Dry Skinand Itching

•  Beard Oil for Hair growth.

•  Beard Oil for Dandruff

•  Beard Oil for Patchy Beards

•  Beard Oil for Styling

•  Beard Oil for Fragrance

•  Beard Oil for Acne

•  Beard Oil for Sensitive Skin

•  Beard Oil for Attracting Women


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