Anti Pollution Cream


We all know that pollution is bad for the planet. We also know it’s bad for our health: if you live in a big city, you may have asthma & Skin Related Allergies, thanks to being surrounded by many vehicles running on fossil fuels. Did you know those who live in highly polluted areas even have a 20% higher risk of lung cancer. Skin is the largest organ in human body – but have you ever stopped to think about how pollution is damaging it? Most people are aware of the effects of pollution but are unsure about the products to use. Today,a whole range of ‘anti-pollution’ beauty products have arrived in the market. But, most of the Anti Pollution creams contain chemicals that end up  harming your health!. This anti-pollution cream is formulated specifically for skin that is challenged by polluted, urban environments.



Benefits of Anti Pollution Cream

•  Moisturize dry skin and keeps it hydrated

•  Soft and smooth skin

•  Rich in effective antioxidants

•  Protects skin from harmful effects of pollution

•  Repairs damaged skin

•  Keeps skin young, clean, and flawless

•  Protects skin from pollutants