Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera Gel


It belongs to Liliaceae Family and it is a shrub and grows up to 60-100 cm tall, its flowers are yellow in color. Aloe Vera leaves are thick and fleshy .


Aloe Vera leaf slices secretes Gel and it is extracted by chopping the leaves.


It blends with coconut oil and honey etc.


It is  viscous, colorless, transparent liquid and is odorless being in bitter in taste


It constitutes of vitamins -A, C, E, acids, lipids, sterols, glycosidesetc


•  Owing to its antioxidant properties It is useful in treatment of skin problems such as acne, sunburn,etc.

•  It is also used as an anti agent.

•  It is also used as moisturizer.

•  It also reduces cholesterol in form of aloe vera juice.

•  It also improves oxygenation of blood.

•  It also prevents cancer.

•  It provides relief in inflammation

•  It also reduces stretch marks.

•  It is beneficial for Gums health.

•  It aids in digestion, constipation and any stomach related problem.

•  It treats Arthritis and rheumatism.

•  It smoothens hair.

•  It acts pain relief action on muscle and joints.

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