Aloe Vera Extract

Aloe Vera Extract


Aloe vera extract is obtained from Aloe barbadesis miller leaves.


Gel is extracted from fillet of leaves which is sterilized, filtered and spray dried to obtain clear aloe extract white.


It is sour in taste and is clear to off white fine powder in appearance, and characteristic in odor.


It contains poly saturated fats and fatty acids.


•  It is used in food and beverages industry.

•  It is used in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry as well.

•  It is also used as ingredients in shampoos, hair gels etc.

•  It strengthens the hair and also adds lustre in hairs.

•  It is used as ingredient in various skin care products such as sunscreen lotion, scrubs, body washes, moisturizers etc.

•  It nourishes skin and improves skin elasticity.

•  It is also an anti ageing.

•  It is used in skin cleansers as it has cleansing property and retains moisture as well.

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