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Lavender oil a secret of aromatherapy for skin treatment

Nature is blessed with many secret herbs, and lavender is one of its components. Lavender is a plant blooming purple flowers, but it is extracted by steam distillation process, giving lavender essential oil best for skin treatment. Have you been for aromatherapy or taken the package of aromatherapy for skin treatment? The mostly used essential oil is one and only lavender essential oil. If we talk about its aroma, its strong floral and fresh aroma is being used in perfumery industries for incense sticks, soaps and perfumes and also it is used in cosmetics industries for the cosmetic product for women.

How Lavender oil works?

The essential oils are known for having some properties and lavender is loaded with the properties of; anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, analgesic, antiviral and cleansing which makes the oil a best healing oil for skin treatment. The flowers and petals are used and processed through steam distillation to obtain pure and fresh lavender essential oil. The oil deeply penetrates into the skin curing several problems. Its calming effect helps in calming the skin irritation and gives a healthy and natural skin treatment.

Benefits of Lavender-

Lavender essential oil is noted with many benefits for the skin and it magically cures some problems like-

  •         Acne and sun burn
  •         Bee Sting and bug repellant
  •         Eczema
  •         Skin wound and Skin rash
  •         Sun burn
  •         Facial mist
  •         Toner and cuts


The antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties help the oil to cure these problems and this is natural and herbal.

Check for certified buyer-

If you are looking for lavender oil suppliers, then you must have to be a smart buyer. Lavender oil having medicinal properties is restricted with many precautions. A pure and fresh obtained lavender essential oil is only considered as best rather than adulterated one. As a buyer, you much check and search for genuine buyer to make your decision for ordering your oil.

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