Tea Tree Oil Manufacturers

Tea Tree oil manufacturers and the benefits of tree tea oil

Oil is an essential ingredient in cooking. But essential oil refers to the highly concentrated essence of plants that are extracted from leaves, flowers, fruits, roots, and trunks of plants. These undiluted essential oils are volatile and aromatic and are believed to be very effective for aromatherapy and beauty treatments when it is used in the right way.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil as the name suggests is not an extract from the tea plant. The tea tree oil is extracted from the leaves and twigs of a plant with the botanical name Melaleuca alternifolia. It gets the name tree tea oil because the leaves of this plant were used to make tea decades ago. Henceforth the tree was called the tea tree, and its origin is India and Australia. The leaf of the plant is supposed to have medicinal properties, and the oil is extracted from the leaves using the method of steam distillation.


The health benefits that the manufacturers of Tea tree oil claim include

  • Tea Tree oil for Acne- The tea tree oil is an excellent home remedy for treating acne. But tea tree oil should not be applied to the skin directly. You can prepare a mild face wash by adding just a few drops of pure tea tree essential oil to raw honey.
  • Tea tree oil for hair treatments- the tea tree oil possesses soothing properties, and it could treat flaking skin, remove dandruff and also deal with lice problem. You can make homemade tea tree oil shampoo by mixing a few drops with coconut milk and one other fragrant essential oil lavender oil.
  • Tree Tea oil for skin treatment- it can be used to make body lotion, body soap, etc and it is believed to be effective in treating eczema and psoriasis.
  • Tea tree oil for treating infection and cuts- Tea tree oil is an important ingredient in treatments for infections and cuts. Additionally, it is also believed to have anti-cancer properties.

There are many other uses apart from the health benefits it can render. But the important point is that the essential oil should be in the purest form. That is why accessing tea tree oil from authentic and genuine manufacturers of essential oils is essential.

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